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Company Profile
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Company Profile

Guangdong Hanya Industrial Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established in 2010. As an emerging practical automation equipment company developed on the basis of customers of Chuanyi Lubricant Company, Dongguan Hanya Industrial Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. currently has 30 advanced patents.Ltd.  


In terms of product planning, design, manufacturing, assembly, sales, and service, the company provides customers with the best overall automation solutions and services, and is widely used in electronics, communications, automotive, home appliances and other fields. In order to ensure the quality of products, the company realized the entire assembly line production, from the feeding, with the material to the final discharge, to achieve full-scale intelligent production, in order to replace the common single-machine automated production on the market. Mechanized production not only reduces the consumption of manpower and material resources, but also further enhances the production efficiency, automatic productivity, production stability, and product quality of factories, especially in injection molding, metal processing, etc., thereby increasing production flexibility and making factory enterprises more competitivein the market. Advantage.


The company's automation products have advanced performance, reasonable prices, abundant products, and good customer applicability. Since its inception, the company has started from a high starting point, adhered to the high-tech development strategy, relied on a strong R&D team, constantly innovated and innovated, constantly introduced new products, new technologies, new applications, new ideas, and continuously enriched R&D information and product information. And supply information. At present, 62 types of models are sold (82 models of the national model), and the technical force ranks second in the industry, accounting for about 30% of the market share (according to industry major customer survey data). Before the establishment of the company, after six months of market research, it fully grasped the needs of market customers and the products developed had a good applicability.