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Chairman Message

Since its establishment. Hanva Technoloay has adhered to independent research and development, and has continuously introduced high-tech in the front of the world's industrial automation wave, It provides customers with customized and customized integrated automation solutions in product planning, design, manufacturing, assembly, sales and service. With services, it graduall penetrates into the production fields of electronics, communications, automobiles, and home appliances, In cooperation with production and sales, Hanya Technology has embarked on an innovative development path of independent innovation and integration of industry and finance.

At the beginning of the next decade, Hanya people should continue to adhere to the grand vision of "making Hanya technology a benchmark for industry technology, production benchmarkinq, talent benchmarking, and service benchmarking" , and grasping the  industry opportunities of the new revolution in industry and technology today. High-tech and technological development, people-oriented, and continuous improvement. At the same time, the implementation of the "Decheng Wanwu", the consistent Hanya culture, requires Hanya Technology and every Han Asian to closely link the company's profitability, its own development goals and.social responsibility. This means that Hanya Science and Technology, as a high-tech enterprise in the forefront of Dongguan industry, not only focuses on its own technical strength, service quality, industry development, but also the historical responsibility of "liberating more labor" and achieving professional and efficient whole plant automation, Leading industry standards. maximizing the productivity of modern factories, optimizing business models and achieving optimal value

Xing Avenue, benefit the world, I believe that every qualified Han Asian can adhere to lay a new foundation for work, contribute more wisdom, and contribute to the industrial machinery automation industry with practical actions!