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Why can't the robot take out the product sometimes?
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Why can't the robot take out the product sometimes?

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2020/04/27 15:53

Now for precision injection molding, the molding cycle is the production efficiency. Therefore, the injection molding equipment is required to be faster and more stable. To answer the question, full-automatic molding requires that the high-speed manipulator take out time be completed within 2 seconds, usually within 3 seconds, too long will affect the cycle.




     Then it is said that if the take-out time is short, it is necessary to control the mold opening distance as small as possible without affecting the removal of the manipulator. The action speed requirements for take-out, draw-out, descent, etc. are 100% of the limit. For products with oblique pins that are not easy to take out, the dodge speed can be appropriately set to about 10% or lower.




     However, in the case of fully automatic operation and stable removal, it is necessary to appropriately increase the avoidance speed to achieve the purpose of the shortest removal time and the fastest molding cycle.




    When setting the action mode, be sure to look at a few products, whether there is a feed head, whether it is good or not, etc. The position setting is very important. Without a good position, you ca n’t take out the product.




     Here, it is said that the approaching waiting position is controlled by a servo electric motor, so the approaching waiting position is as low as possible without colliding with the mold machine. Generally, the product cannot be taken out due to air leakage and insufficient adsorption pressure. So the position is the most important to adjust the manipulator;




     In addition, the best place to take out is just to be close to the product, rather than pressing it tightly. If pressed tightly, the product may be damaged easily, and the die of the mold may be stuck. The shorter the time, the better. Usually, the time in the mold is only before drawing and waiting for ascent or the nozzle needs time control. The premise is also as short as possible.




   Other time control outside the mold is fine as long as it runs back to the waiting position within a molding cycle.




   Retrieval is the coordination of position, time and speed, and the specific setting is based on actual departure.

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